the 101 on rebranding

Feel like your business is looking lacklustre? Here’s the 101 on rebranding

An image that kills is important to gain more loyal customers. Rebranding happens to many businesses as it is necessary to keep them growing and staying desirable among the current market. Semify... Read more »
Traditional And Digital Marketing

Bringing An Effective Content Marketing Strategy To Life

Strategic content marketing is the mainstay of an organization’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, which is why it is important to have an effective strategy in place. Regardless of whether you’re just... Read more »
writing blog

4 Clever Approaches To Boost Visibility For Your Business Blog On Social Media

Blogs are crucial marketing tools for any business looking to promote its products and services through the digital world – an absolute must with an Internet-savvy generation. A blog helps you address... Read more »
SEO - facts or myths?

Top 5 SEO Myths Debunked

Then there are the individuals that are more skeptical. They think that SEO services are a scam and a waste of marketing budget. However, if done correctly, these strategies can be some... Read more »
The key benefits of random video chat apps

Meet new people from the comfort of your home! The key benefits of random video chat apps

Are video chat apps replacing the good old bar meet-cute? With the hit of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are turning to their screens to establish a connection. There are... Read more »
8 Battle-Tested Ways to Increase Email Open Rates

8 Battle-Tested Ways to Increase Email Open Rates

Email marketing is a major game changer for your business – if you know how to implement it correctly. If you haven’t seen great results from your email marketing efforts, it is... Read more »

Competitor Buying Your Brand Keyword? Here’s What You Can Do!

Mastering the art of PPC (pay per click) is difficult enough, and now you find out that one of your competitors is buying your brand keyword. Getting PPC right is vital, because... Read more »