Netflix Ads

Netflix plans to test ads for their own shows through their subscription service

Netflix is testing ads for their original content between TV episodes while people are “binge watching”. Now while they aren’t explicitly called commercial breaks, current users are already showing their displeasure about... Read more »

Microsoft releases its 2018 fiscal year with annual sales exceeding $100 billion

Microsoft has delivered better financial results than analysts expected. For the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018, revenue was $ 30.1 billion for net income of $ 8.9 billion. Revenues increased 17%... Read more »

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter make it easy to transfer your data to the web

Would you prefer to host your photos on Flickr instead of Instagram? Would you like to try YouTube Music instead of Spotify? What if you wanted to drop Facebook to go to... Read more »

Android: EU slaps Google With $5 billion fine

On Wednesday, the European Union imposed a fine of $5billion on Google, this time in the antitrust file Android, a decision that may further deteriorate its relations with the United States and... Read more »

Facebook is redoubling its efforts in artificial intelligence

Facebook announced on Tuesday the expansion of its artificial intelligence research labs, including the one in Montreal, and the creation of a robotics laboratory in Pittsburgh. “Artificial intelligence has become so central... Read more »

Apple unveils new emojis

On this World Emoji Day, the American multinational has put on line a series of new emojis representing women and men of all ages and different physical aspects. Bald, with gray hair... Read more »

Intelligent anti-smartphone radars on the roads in England

England is taking great steps to fight cell phones while driving. Radars to detect motorists who use their phone while driving have appeared on the roadside. One-quarter of English drivers handle their... Read more »