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Interested in becoming a rideshare/delivery driver? Let Rideshare Support help you!

Got a car and a driver’s license? That’s all you need to start a personal rideshare or delivery career! Or is it? Let Rideshare Support help you start this journey with our services.... Read more »
Ocean cleanup aims to cut rubbish pollution by 90 percent in 20 years

Ocean cleanup aims to cut rubbish pollution by 90 percent in 20 years

An ocean clean-up effort that has been in production for approximately 5 years is set to go live later this month. The ocean clean up prototype is a 2000 foot long (600... Read more »

Facebook launches jobs feature in U.S. and Canada

In the United States and Canada, Facebook users can now see a new feature: job offers. After years of presence on Facebook of third-party professional networking applications, Facebook is modifying its DNA... Read more »
How to Calculate ROI on Email Marketing

How to Calculate ROI on Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the marketing methods that gives the highest ROI. Even though email marketing offers a high ROI, many people aren’t using it to get the best results. Failing... Read more »

Gmail will stop working on older versions of Chrome browser

Gmail is one of the most widely used online messaging services in the world. But it can not continue to support an insecure operating systems. Today, Google announced that Gmail will no... Read more »

Competitor Buying Your Brand Keyword? Here’s What You Can Do!

Mastering the art of PPC (pay per click) is difficult enough, and now you find out that one of your competitors is buying your brand keyword. Getting PPC right is vital, because... Read more »
AI will be the future for healthcare

AI will be the future for healthcare

Artificial intelligence might be seen as something that is out of a sci-fi movie but with the rapid expansion and growth of modern technology it has become a reality. The CEO and... Read more »