Wiese, do you prefer a suit or a hoodie?

Strategy consultants are analytical and wear suits while music producers are creative and wear hoodies? Wiese also known by his full name Trygve Wiese-Haugland covers both descriptions. With a master’s degree in... Read more »
Ashish Gaba

Ashish Gaba from Worify Media talks about digital marketing and beyond

Ashish Gaba is the founder and CEO of Worify Media, a digital marketing agency that has had over 500+ successful projects. Worify specialises in delivering services covering areas such as search engine... Read more »
Greg Winston

How Greg Winston and Buy Diverse Are Helping Minority-Owned Businesses Flourish

Running a business comes with many challenges, even more so if you are a minority. Greg Winston became acutely aware of these issues and made it his mission to build a platform... Read more »
Christian Konopatzki

Christian Konopatzki from CTARS Inc shares his tips on Facebook advertising

Hello Christian, welcome back! Glad you had time for another interview with us. First, we want to know a little more about your way of doing business since your methods are revolutionizing... Read more »