Fortnite security breach

Fortnite mobile for Android devices has a serious security flaw

The massive online battle royale video game has finally made its way onto Android devices this week. Fortnite has been out on iOS devices for some time but had been awaiting its... Read more »
Walmart amazon vr

Walmart files for a patent to contend with Amazon

Online shopping is sweeping the nation with many consumers familiar with the platform and its ease of use. E-commerce websites such as Amazon have put small businesses out of business due to... Read more »
Navid Mashinchi

Diversifying Skillset Was a Game Changer for Navid Mashinchi

In the modern world, there is an ever increasing need for people to diversify their skillsets and become adaptable to the changing industry landscapes. Navid Mashinchi is one individual who is well... Read more »
Netflix Ads

Netflix plans to test ads for their own shows through their subscription service

Netflix is testing ads for their original content between TV episodes while people are “binge watching”. Now while they aren’t explicitly called commercial breaks, current users are already showing their displeasure about... Read more »
Sam Reklaw

Why Has the life of Sam Reklaw hit the Headlines?

We live in a world where people don’t readily admit that they are good at a particular skill, even if they are. But, this is not the case with Sam Reklaw. He... Read more »

Microsoft releases its fiscal year with annual sales exceeding $100 billion

Microsoft has delivered better financial results than analysts expected. For the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018, revenue was $ 30.1 billion for net income of $ 8.9 billion. Revenues increased 17%... Read more »
Nancy Mello

How clairvoyant and psychic medium Nancy Mello helps others with intuitive abilities

As a clairvoyant, psychic medium, and animal intuitive, Nancy Mello does a lot of great work with clients both in the US and around the world. Having developed her abilities from a... Read more »