Popular Entrepreneur, Sultan Ghani, Using his Platform to Inspire

Sultan Ghani

Sultan Ghani received his Bachelor’s Business Administration at Marymount University and holds a graduate certificate in International Business Management from Georgetown University. After graduating he focused on entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors in Afghanistan and aboard. We talked to him on his massive social media following cumulatively amounting to over 150k+ followers on just three platforms..

Utilizing various social media accounts, he says he tailors his approach depending on the audience to inspire others to become their best.

“Users on photo and video sharing social networking services [Instagram] use these platforms to view aesthetically pleasing, comical, and informative short-form writing content. Microblogging on them [Instagram] isn’t praised or effective.” He said.


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Sultan said that once he recognized this critical moment when aspiring entrepreneurs would message him directly asking for help or advice. “If you have a platform where you can reach people to encourage critical thinking, improve mental wellbeing, and above all else a chance to bring positive change in the lives of others, that’s opportunity we cannot afford to ignore.”

Several the themes however remain unchanged, he frequently shares his thoughts on gender equality, geopolitics, and insight about business via his posts.

Perhaps the most significant goal is teaching perseverance. “You will make mistakes regardless whether if you’re young or old. Don’t punish yourself. And remember, when you are comparing yourself to others, others compare themselves to you. Don’t listen to negative thoughts. Stay safe, healthy, and positive.’ Says, Ghani.

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