How Entrepreneur Joel Li is Paving the Way for a More Environmentally Friendly Auto Industry

Joel Li

The dedication of entrepreneur Joel Li (legal name Qiaoer Li) and the passion that he has for doing his part to help people all around the world combat global warming has led him to become one of the most notable individuals in the auto industry. As the founder of TEDA International Auto Group he is a pioneer of creating more efficient and environmentally friendly operational methods for car companies. His entrepreneurial efforts do not end there, however. Joel Li has also begun to pursue a career in music, something which has always been a big part of his life. With a bright future ahead of him, Joel Li has become a shining example of what an individual can achieve when they have a passion for something.

29 year old Joel Li was born in Tianjin China, eventually immigrating to Canada with his family in 2008. He attended the University of Toronto and it was there that he became passionate about developing solutions that could help reduce the impact that industries have on the earth. The auto industry was of particular interest to him as he felt it was one of the key industries that had not taken full advantage of the new and innovative strategies available. Inspired by the revolutionary strategies of Tesla, Li developed TEDA International Auto Group to prove that customers no longer have the need to deal with traditional dealerships. The company continues to provide car manufacturers with greener and easier strategies for instigating the buying process. Through the use of technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and AI, the buying process can be made easier and more efficient for customers. The work that Joel Li has done with his company earned him a highly positive reputation. In 2021, he was named one of Forbes China’s top 60 outstanding Chinese in North America. In addition to this, he was also named as one of HuRun’s 30 under 30.

Joel Li has recently decided to pursue another one of his passions, music. He believes that music is an incredibly powerful way to connect with people and he has proven to have a talent for this. His first song, released in China, has already gained 1 million plays. His recent English release, an EP called OVERSEAS shows similar promise. The three songs Love Me, Myself and Better are becoming extremely popular among music fans and it is clear that Joel Li has a long and rewarding career ahead of him.

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