Ease Neck Pain at Home with iStim Wetrac Cervical Traction Device

Are you tired of dealing with nagging neck pain and headaches caused by poor posture and muscle tension? Look no further than the iStim Wetrac Home-Use Pain Relief Cervical Traction device. This innovative tool offers drug-free pain relief and promises to alleviate your discomfort in just 10 minutes per session.

The Wetrac cervical traction unit boasts a user-friendly design, ensuring that individuals of all ages can use it with ease. Its intuitive interface allows you to control the intensity level, providing you with the flexibility to customize the traction force up to 50 lbs. This adjustable feature is crucial as it allows users to tailor the intensity of the stretch according to their individual comfort levels and specific therapeutic needs.

The device also includes neck wedges and an adjustable angle feature, which further enhances comfort during use. By allowing users to find their optimal position, the Wetrac traction unit facilitates a personalized and precise pain relief experience. It ensures that the therapy is targeted and effective in addressing the root cause of your neck pain and discomfort.

Wetrac Home-Use Pain Relief Cervical Traction

Moreover, setting up the Wetrac cervical traction device is a breeze as it comes fully assembled. You won’t have to deal with complicated setup procedures or confusing instructions. Simply take it out of the box, adjust it to your preferences, and you are ready to start your pain relief journey.

The portability of the Wetrac device is another great advantage. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can easily carry the device with you, thanks to the included travel bag. This portability ensures that you can maintain your pain management routine even while traveling or during busy workdays.


In conclusion, the Wetrac Home-Use Pain Relief Cervical Traction device is a user-friendly and efficient tool for easing neck pain and discomfort. Its controllable intensity level, adjustable features, and portability make it an accessible and convenient option for home use. By incorporating this traction device into your pain management routine, you can experience the benefits of drug-free pain relief and take control of your neck health.

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Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new pain management regimen to ensure that the Wetrac cervical traction unit is suitable for your specific needs.

Ease Neck Pain at Home with Wetrac Cervical Traction Device


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