Google announces widespread deployment of Speed ​​Update: slower sites will be penalized

At the beginning of the year, Google presented an update of its algorithm (Speed ​​Update). Objective: penalize the slowest sites on mobile. Google then announced that the widespread deployment of this update... Read more »

Image Copyright Judgement Could Pave They Way For More Litigation

The use of images on the Internet is highly regulated. You must respect certain rights that we have summarized here . Obviously, you can not walk on Google Images, upload your favorite... Read more »

ESN confident for growth but struggling in hiring

Syntec Numérique and KPMG have published a study proposing an inventory of the ESN ecosystem. Financing, growth, innovation, recruitment … The panorama is intended to be exhaustive on the state of health... Read more »

Gmail allows third-party application developers to read your emails

Google and reading emails is a long story. A year ago, the Silicon Valley company announced that it stopped the automatic reading of emails by AI, a practice set up to better... Read more »

Adobe Can Now Tell If A Photo Has Been Retouched

Photoshop, the famous Adobe software, is 28 years old. Since the 1990s, many Sunday designers have used Adobe Photoshop to retouch photos. The tools offered today by Photoshop make it easy to... Read more »

Walmart weaves a partnership with Microsoft to counter Amazon

US retail giant Walmart signs strategic partnership with Microsoft for 5 years. The distributor will migrate a significant portion of its and sites to the Microsoft Azure cloud. To cope... Read more »

Facebook will remove false news resulting in violence

The Danish brewer Carlsberg uses sensors and artificial intelligence from Microsoft to analyze the flavors and predict the taste of a beer. The beer of tomorrow may be developed by artificial intelligence.... Read more »