Marina Lazarou

How to Navigate Social Media Marketing – an Interview with Marina Lazarou

The world of social media marketing has taken huge strides in regards to how it can be used to harness huge advertising capabilities as well as the potential to send your company... Read more »
What is CBTproxy Vansh Malhotra provides a rundown

What is CBTproxy? Vansh Malhotra provides a rundown

For several years, CBTproxy has been providing individuals with the necessary strategies and skills to succeed in examinations. Whether your target examination is in PMI, CISCO or ISACA, CBTproxy will help you... Read more »
Amer Safaee

How Amer Safaee practises ethical management in his business

As the founder and CEO of Bama Security Group Co., Amer Safaee has had to practise ethical management to ensure that a growing team gets the job done correctly every time. Since... Read more »

Wiese, do you prefer a suit or a hoodie?

Strategy consultants are analytical and wear suits while music producers are creative and wear hoodies? Wiese also known by his full name Trygve Wiese-Haugland covers both descriptions. With a master’s degree in... Read more »
Ashish Gaba

Ashish Gaba from Worify Media talks about digital marketing and beyond

Ashish Gaba is the founder and CEO of Worify Media, a digital marketing agency that has had over 500+ successful projects. Worify specialises in delivering services covering areas such as search engine... Read more »
ConsultTogether - Tom Helmy

ConsultTogether founder Tom Helmy talks about the importance of honest SEO marketing

Tom Helmy is the founder of digital marketing agency ConsultTogether, which is based in Orange County, California. After some difficult personal history, Tom understands the importance of honesty in any relationship, and... Read more »