Boosting your business with online marketing

Business today is competitive, finding your niche and your selling points are not just strategic but essential to ensuring your business is seen and heard.

How can you improve your selling numbers? How can you improve that your hard work is paying off? Not just in profit but in appreciation in what your business is trying to say.

Finding a target audience

In any line of business finding that target audience that can relate to your business is imperative to know which direction to take.

Whether it be that your company sells baby items, décor for a new home, sports equipment or jewellery, what is your aim and where do you want to take your drive and ambition for your company?

The baby business alone in the UK providing clothes and shoes is worth £7.3 billion.  Having just a portion of its worth will take you in to a world where your name might very well be used for many more years to come, a profound and trusted company name that will ignite the world over.


Marketing when it comes to any line of publicising or promotion is key in this new era of social media, memes, search engine optimisation (SEO) and viral videos.

Combining what the buyer is looking for all in one place is convenient and protective of their time in their already busy life’s.

Searching and looking whilst not being inundated with commercials and ads for things your buyer has no interest in, can lead to a happy shopping experience, this will enable them to come back for a next time.

Human edited web directory will cut time and narrow down their likes, hobbies, interests and give them the opportunity to look for their needs and lead them possibly to you.


Search engine optimisation involves increasing search engine rankings. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes purchase of paid placement.

There are a few marketing companies out there who will specialise in this field and offer you a drive of traffic and a top listing on a search.

Social media

Word of mouth is a great trusted source, as it comes from the everyday normal person, searching for the better service, the better price or quality.

Ads on Facebook can be paid for however even just setting up a business page will enable you to ask friends, families and previous customers to share their reviews of what you offer as a business.

Getting to see the product you are selling with high quality pictures also enables you to connect with your market.

If you find your time is limited, then it is becoming the norm to hire a social media manager who will keep your profiles active with daily posts and answering any questions submitted to your chosen platform.

A newsletter on a weekly basis will keep everyone up to date with anything new or even changes that are up and coming. It’s also a good idea to award loyal customers with discount codes or events that is basically a thank you for their custom.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok, are the biggest platforms to reach people worldwide with your creativity and new and exciting products or ideas.

It can be fun and silly and the more it grabs people’s attention, the more it will be shared, via these platforms, chat messengers or email.

Your chosen platform for most activity

A booster programme such as TikTokfollowing is a great place to start in seeing just how far your product can travel, with over 500 million users over 152 countries there’s no question that using this will have your ideas come to life.

Making a video from home or your office is quick and easy whilst being a user of this app, it doesn’t cost anything, it allows you to be open and transparent whilst also encouraging fun and relatability.

Focusing on one platform at a time is a good way to kick things off, it will incorporate how well received your business is with said audience.

Strategy and advice

Having a strategy in business is where to focus first and getting advice from those who know best and are well equipped and experienced is essential in guiding yourself and your staff on the right road to success.

Tina Johnson helped bring The Marketing Folks from a-weekly newsletter to a full-fledged news site by creating a new website and branding. She continues to assist in keeping the site responsive and well organized for the readers. As a contributor to The Marketing Folks, Tara mainly covers industry new.